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Cubic Trees and bushes – LOW POLY


Using this assets

Low Poly models are exported to FBX file format, to be used in your favorite game engine (Unreal Engine, Godot, Unity and more…).

Each FBX include a simple custom collision hull for Unreal Engine.
It also include a custom UV unwrap for Lightmapping.
When importing into Unreal Engine, be sure to disable the « Generate Lightmap UVs » option !

Assets are using a single material, with this retro-style palette :

L’attribut alt de cette image est vide, son nom de fichier est Palette_NES-1024x538.png.
Right click, and save picture as

CC0 Licence

You can use all of this assets for personnal, educational or commercial purposes.

If you want, you can credit me or this website, but it’s not mandatory !

Link to original licence :

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